Day 15: Sunday - Mindfulness Meditation in Nature

Happy Sunday!

Have you ever found it difficult to resist temptation? To conclude our week dedicated to achievement, it's important to explore this question. Temptation is the general term we use to describe what holds people back from taking action towards their goals in crucial moments.

Let's try and turn temptation into our friend, by reframing it in the context of what we learn today.

This video talks about how simply focusing your mind and then refocusing your mind, during mindfulness meditation, changes that famous brain structure we've talked about all week: the prefrontal cortex.

Therefore, the next time you're resisting a temptation, don't focus on the emotional struggle related to indulging or not. Consider it to be an opportunity to exercise your brain and ultimately make your biggest dreams a reality. Similar to what we will do today, this act of observing your mind wander and then refocusing it on the task at hand, can literally change the thickness of this all-important area of your brain.

Over time, you'll see how your growing willpower muscles are propelling you to achieve higher and greater goals because it's easier for you to have a more singular focus on your tasks.

We wonder why most ultra-successful business people use some form of meditation. If it's physically giving their brains an advantage, in terms of willpower and stress relief as suggested by the study mentioned in this video, then it becomes very obvious why this practice is highly correlated with super-duper success.